Yeast Infection How Do You Get It – Every Woman Must Know

Yeast Infection How Do You Get It

In fact a harmless yeast infection for women. Almost 75% of women have experienced a yeast infection once in a lifetime. However, yeast infections can be very annoying. Diagnose and provide treatment as soon as possible is very important.

Vaginal Yeast Infection

Boldsky was quoted as saying on Tuesday (11/12/2012), a vaginal yeast infection due to the large number of healthy bacteria that could have a lot of yeast.

1. Acid keep healthy bacteria in the vagina and prevent production of Candida Albicans. However, if excessive yeast bacteria, it can cause vaginal yeast infections.

2. An imbalance in the production and bacterial respiration is also one of the causes of yeast infection. This imbalance can be caused by hormonal changes, certain drugs such as steroids or a weak immune system.

3. Increased levels of estrogen also cause vaginal infections. The sudden rise of estrogen levels can be caused by pregnancy or birth control pill.

4. Unhygienic genitals can be another cause of yeast and other vaginal infections such as UTI (urinary tract infection). You should clean Your genitals with the method of ‘ top down ‘ (from the vagina to the anus). That way to prevent bacteria from entering the vaginal Canal

5. Soaps with a strong aroma and contain a chemical can cause vaginal yeast infections in women. There is a natural and healthy bacteria that keep the vagina clean. A strong scent can cause bacterial overgrowth of fungus.

How to avoid fungal infection of the vagina:

  • Avoid wearing tight pants
  • Prefer cotton clothing
  • Don’t wear pants wet or moist
  • Keep your vagina clean and dry. Always wipe from front to back to avoid infection
  • Do not use vaginal deodorants or tampons
  • Use a vaginal cream counter for assistance

Observe special symptoms of yeast infection

Vaginal yeast infection: yeast infections can cause redness, swelling, itching, and irritation of the vagina and vulva. If experienced it, you may feel a burning sensation or pain during urination or sexual intercourse. Vaginal yeast infections are also often (though not always) accompanied by discharge of viscous liquids (like cottage cheese) are white, but no smell, from inside the vagina. Keep in mind that 75% of women have experienced yeast infections at some time in his life.

Consultation With a Doctor is Essential

If you experience one of the special yeast infection symptoms mentioned above, you should immediately visit a doctor to get a definite diagnosis. This step is very important, especially in the case of vaginal yeast infection the first time you experienced. Confirms the diagnosis is important because there are various types of vaginal infections, which are often misinterpreted as yeast infections by women. Indeed, research shows only about 35% of women able to diagnose a yeast infection properly based on symptoms alone.

  • After experiencing a vaginal yeast infection and in particular to the doctor, then you can diagnose and solve it with its own drug-free.
  • Beware of recurrent yeast infections because it might indicate a more serious problem such as diabetes, cancer, or HIV-AIDS.
  • You should contact a doctor if the symptoms you are experiencing does not improve after 3 days, if your fever, or experience a change of symptoms (such as an increase or change the color of the fluid that comes out of the vagina, there is a new rash that occurs in the body, etc.

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