The Big Diabetes Lie Review – Do you think it is a scam?

  • Product Name: The Big Diabetes Lie
  • Rating: 9/10
  • Positive comments: 95%

How Does the Plan Work?

The Big Diabetes Lie offers general guidelines for minimizing or completely eliminating the symptoms that are associated with diabetes. It offers tons of strategies that are aimed to assist you with managing your diet, losing weight, and essentially saying goodbye to diabetes forever – without the use of medication.

Strategies that are covered in this book include:

  • How to minimize your cravings for unhealthy foods.
  • Ways to reduce your cholesterol levels without using prescription .
  • How the Food and Drug Administration has partnered with Big Pharma to get rid of natural remedies for diabetes and instead, promote expensive medicines that are designed to manage diabetes.
  • Ways to boost your glucose metabolism.
  • Ways to maintain your blood sugar without using medicines.

While this book does offer valuable information about managing diabetes without medications, it really isn’t a “cure-all” for the condition. Instead, it offers tips that can help you reduce the symptoms associated with diabetes, manage your blood sugar, and life a healthier lifestyle.

Summary of The Big Diabetes Lie

Over 29 million people in the United States alone have been diagnosed with some form of diabetes. It is estimated, however, that at least 8 million more are living with the disease, without being aware of it. On the heels of this type of statistics comes The Big Diabetes Lie.

This program attempts to provide individuals looking for alternative treatments and advice on how to deal with the life sentence that they have been given.

The program is a comprehensive manual that has been penned by several authors including Max Sidorov and other doctors belonging to a council known as The International Council for Truth in Medicine (ITCM).

Now imagine if you knew the truth

Imagine if you began using methods that have been verified and proven to work. Imagine if you had access to all of this medical research and the exact methods thousands of diabetics used to become completely healed.

  • There is no more needles everywhere
  • No more expensive and dangerous diabetes medications
  • There is no more finger pricking or test strips
  • No more trips to the doctor for disappointing test after disappointing test
  • And no more embarrassment or frustration

Would you use this information to help yourself, your kids, relatives, family and friends?

The Big Diabetes Lie does start off by talking about modern ways of diabetes treatment. In particular, Sidorov, along with the ITCM, point out the weak points in this plan. This comprises of too many medications, complicated testing procedures, and the possible escalation of the disease. Essentially, they speak about the way that most modern healthcare systems lead their patients astray.

As the name suggests, the Big Diabetes Lie outlines 7 stages that you need to complete before ridding yourself of this medical condition. One of the first things that this book does is tell you what foods you should eat and what dishes and ingredients you should cut out completely.

At the end of this 20 chapter, 500-page book, you will come away with all the knowledge that you will need to know regarding the natural treatment of diabetes.

The Benefits

The program is filled with a lot of valuable information from the minds of these very knowledgable doctors. The guide will provide you with a 30 day plan that will show you how to get results over four weeks. Some people say that they have result in as little as 7 days.

One of the benefits of this program is that you would be able to order a hard copy of the course as well as the digital version. This means that you can actually have the guide as a book that you can carry around and read with you – even when you are away from your computer.

The Big Diabetes Lie book is well organised and easy to understand. The recipes that are included are well presented and easy to follow. All in all, this is a very practical tool that you can use to heal your diabetes. The great thing about this book is that the foods it recommends are available in every grocery store and the recipes are really simple and easy to make. Anyone can follow the techniques and meal plans in the books and when you do you will start to see results right away.

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Discover the pros and cons


  • What makes The Big Diabetes Lie stand out most is that it is incredibly comprehensive. Sidorov and his colleagues ensure that you are provided with all of the essential details. This means that you are guided through every step of the process. You will be fully aware of what you need to do at all times.
  • There are also explanations available for almost every point that is made. Sidorov doesn’t simply make statements and then move on. Instead, he describes why he made that particular observation and the benefits that can be experienced by changing a particular health habit.
  • All of the suggestions made in this book are completely natural and it deals almost entirely with diet so followers don’t feel as though they are being marketed to. This also cuts down on the possibility of there being adverse reactions to the diet regime.
  • Customers will be glad to hear about the full refund that is offered when you purchase the book. So, if you don’t get the results that you expected, you can return the book up to sixty days after you bought it.
60 days guarantee


  • There are a lot of conspiracy theories that surround this book. Max Sidorov and the International Council for Truth in Medicine (ICTM) may or may not be legitimate health professionals. I could not find any information that verified their credibility. There seems to be a lot of people who believe that Sidorov and the ICTM are not who or what they claim to be.
  • You won’t be able to completely ditch your diabetes medication.
  • No valid scientific evidence or clinical results are mentioned anywhere in this book.


health people

While you may not be able to completely eliminate the use of insulin and other diabetes medications, the information presented in The Big Diabetes Lie can still help you better manage your diabetes by making changes to your diet. It also can help you learn how to improve or prevent various other health conditions. Therefore you can improve your overall health and well being. Therefore, this book can be a valuable tool for a better quality of life. Toss your diabetic supply bag out the window for good.

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