Signs of Diabetes In Adults That You Must Understand

Signs of Diabetes In Adults

Men are smokers and alcoholics have a high risk of diabetes affected. Signs of diabetes in adults sometimes appear trivial, so much less regard except after experiencing very severe conditions.

Basically a healthy diet, reducing foods that are sweet, avoid smoking and alcohol as well as vigorous exercise can prevent affected by diabetes. When you are experiencing overweight, make haste to go on a diet by reducing high-calorie foods, fatty foods and sweet foods. It mean that you avoid the risk of developing diabetes. Consider this signs of diabetes in adults.

Signs of Diabetes in Men;

Actually, there is no significant difference between the signs of diabetes in both men and women. There are some signs of diabetes that arises specifically in men, among others;

Excessive frequency of urination

Generally, diabetics often urinate because the amount of excess blood sugar levels. These conditions stimulate the body to excrete the excess blood sugar levels through the kidneys through urine. Diabetics frequent urination at night, thus reducing the quality of sleep. Consider this signs of diabetes in adults.

Weight loss dramatically

Diabetes will experience weight loss drastic without clear reason. The pancreas is not able to produce sufficient amounts of insulin. Insulin is not able to transform sugar into an energy source for the body. The body will get rid of any number is sugar, which comes from food consumed by diabetics.

Erectile dysfunction thus

Diabetes resulted in a disruption of blood flow system on the nerve cells of the genitals of men. In a long period of time, diabetics can experience a known crack man nervous cells that cause erectile dysfunction. The acute condition can cause impotence. It will disrupt the household harmony. Consider the signs of diabetes in adults at early stage.

Erectile dysfunction
Erectile dysfunction

Signs of Diabetes in Women;

Fungal infections and sores in the vagina

Early symptoms include pain, itching, vaginal discharge and pain during sex. The body of a high glucose levels causes the occurrence of fungal infections (candida yeast) in the vagina. A yeast infection can occur repeatedly causing sores in the vagina.

Chronic or recurrent urinary tract infection

Bad blood circulation in the kidneys and the urinary tract can lead to the occurrence of urinary tract infections. Women are basically very risky exposed to urinary tract infections. The risk may increase if the woman had diabetes. Urinary tract infections occur when bacteria get into the urinary tract. This causes urination pain even bleed.

Signs of diabetes in adults
Signs of diabetes in adults

Facts about female sexual dysfunction

Diabetic neuropathy could be one of the signs of diabetes in women. This condition happened due to the high levels of glucose in the blood so that damage some nerves of the body. Damage to some nerves causing tingling and loss of the sense in various parts of the body, including the hands and legs. In the end affects sensation in the area around the vagina so that lowers a woman’s sexual desire. Beware of signs of diabetes in adults before it is too late.

Women with polycystic ovarian syndrome

Polycystic ovarian syndrome caused infertility and increased blood sugar levels. The characteristics of women who suffered from diabetes symptoms are similar to symptoms of polycystic ovarian syndrome. This disorder occurs when the adrenal glands produce a higher male hormone that lead to the onset of insulin resistance.

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