How to lose weight very quickly?

lose weight
lose weight

Has the ideal body is a dream of all people. The desire to have the ideal body had conditions, including sports regularly. But most people do not have enough time to exercise, so lose weight very quickly is not easy.

Despite the variety of ways already done, but not all of them successful. Sometimes it’s been trying hard to lose weight, such as routine doing sports or a strict diet, but to no avail.

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Okey, for you who want to have an ideal body, but do not have a sport, there are ways to lose weight quickly and effectively.

8 Tips to lose weight effectively

Chew your food slowly
Chew your food slowly

1. Chew your food slowly

2. Using a small plate to eat

3. Eat foods that contain protein

4. Multiply eat foods containing fiber

5. Eat less portion

6. Avoid eating while playing a hand phone or watch TV

7. Drink water on a regular basis

8. Sleep came easily enough

How to lose weight very quckly? Yes you right, try, try and try again and keep to stay strong for your spirit.