Leading Cause of Diabetes – At a Young Age

leading causes of diabetes
leading causes of diabetes

Many people think that diabetes can only occur in those who are older. In fact, that’s not the case. Widespread bad lifestyle, this makes the diabetes so a disease that can strike those who are younger. Thus, what is the leading cause of diabetes at a young age? Find out the answer through this article.

Leading Cause of Diabetes at a Young Age

The leading cause of diabetes at a young age, you should know:

1. Pancreatic Dysfunction

Pancreas dysfunction usually occurs in people who have type 1 diabetes. This condition occurs when the pancreas is not able to produce the insulin needed to break down food and convert it into energy. Well, if the pancreas can’t make enough insulin or cannot thus altogether produce insulin, this will increase the blood sugar levels and leads to diabetes. This is one of the leading cause of diabetes.

2. Hereditary

Diabetes is a hereditary disease. This certainly does not mean you will be affected by diabetes when Your father or mother suffer. However, this means that you are likely to be exposed to the disease if you have parents, siblings, or grandparents who experienced it. Beware with this leading cause of diabetes. It could be that it is in your family

3. Viral infections of humans

Viral infections can destroy or damage the cells in the body of the young-old. It can also trigger the autoimmune response which impacted badly on the function of the pancreas which can lead to diabetes. Some viral infections that can lead to diabetes include, coxsackievirus B, adenovirus, cytomegalovirus, rubella and mumps.

4. Obesity

In addition to the three already mentioned above, one of the other major factors that can lead to vulnerable young people who are affected by diabetes is obesity. Obesity or excess weight will prevent the body respond to insulin. In addition, Central obesity aka excess fat in the abdomen is also not just so the main factor a younger susceptible to diabetes, but also a range of other cardiovascular diseases. That’s why, if you have excess body weight, it’s good you lose weight gradually until it reaches the ideal weight. Beware with this leading cause of diabetes. What is your weight right now?

leading cause of diabetes
leading cause of diabetes

5. Poor eating patterns

Young children are vulnerable once consuming unhealthy foods such as junk food every day. Whereas a bad diet will not only increase your risk exposed to the diabetes, but other health problems such as weight gain, high blood pressure and even heart disease. That is why it is important for everyone, especially during periods of growth to pay more attention to food intake per day. This can be done by eating a balance nutrition from fruits and vegetables. Don’t forget, avoid all things that can trigger Your consuming more sugary foods. If necessary, use a non-sugar sweetener and low intake of calories in sugary foods and beverages you consume daily.

6. Smoking and alcohol abuse

Alcohol addiction and smoking habit also could be factors that cause young high-risk children suffering from diabetes. These unhealthy habits that can interfere with the body’s metabolic activity and affects insulin production. This is one of the leading cause of diabetes that many people love it.

7. Excessive Stress

Stress is an important factor that can trigger diabetes. Not only for adults, stress is now also much felt the youngster because tasks in school/college, peer pressure and social problems.

8. Lack of sufficient sleep

Adolescents, particularly young children often stayed up until midnight (staying out) who make them can’t get enough sleep. In fact, sleep is crucial to maintaining your health. The reason, lack of sleep makes the rhythm circadian impaired so as to trigger the body’s hormonal changes, including insulin which regulates blood sugar. Well, this makes the acute lack of sleep can increase the risk of a person affected by diabetes.

9. Less time for food preparation and physical activity

Most of the young people nowadays spend more time playing games and watching TV in front of the screen, instead of outdoor sports. Whereas the lack of physical activity can cause a slowing of metabolism in the body, so they are exposed to a high risk of diabetes at a young age.

Well, than a day sitting in front of the TV or computer, better use your time to do physical activity that lets you actively moving, for example streets, relaxing in the afternoon I participated, bicycling, aerobic gymnastics, or went to the gym together friends. With physical activity, this will make you avoid the risk of obesity, the main risk factors of diabetes.

In addition to physical activities will also make the muscle cells more sensitive to insulin to help control the sugar levels in the body. In addition, physical activity is also capable of balancing the levels of glucose in the blood.