Type I Diabetes Symptoms That You Need To Know

What Are Type I Diabetes Symptoms ?

Generally the type I diabetes symptoms develops in children up to the age of the adolescents, but can also occur in adulthood. The pancreas is unable to produce normal amounts of insulin, causing type I diabetes. Insulin is a hormone that functions support the absorption of blood sugar by muscle cells so that it becomes a source of energy. Without insulin, the muscles are unable to absorb the content of sugar that remains in the blood. This causes diabetes in the long run. Symptoms of type I diabetes can appear suddenly and may deteriorate rapidly within a week.

Type I diabetes symptoms include:

Frequent urination, especially during the night. Frequent urination, especially at night, occurs because renal dispose of excessive blood sugar in the blood through urine. Urinate normally between 4-8 times a day, depending on the number of someone’s drinking water. People with type I diabetes symptoms urinate more of it every day.

Frequent thirst. Thirst often appears due to the body secretes too much urine. Thirst is not lost even if someone has been drinking quite a lot. Water needs of a person’s average are 8 glasses per day or physical activity depends. People with type I diabetes symptoms drink more of it and still thirsty.

Weight down without cause. Weight loss suddenly without a clear reason, a type I diabetes symptoms. The descent of the weight not due to diet or exercise, but because the body does not get enough sugar intake as a source of energy.

Frequent nausea and vomiting. The nausea and want to vomit after eating is another of type I diabetes symptoms. Furthermore will also experience abdominal pain.

type i diabetes symptoms
type i diabetes symptoms

The wound on the body that are difficult to heal. Minor injuries on the skin such as cut throat blade when cutting the meat, usually will soon heal because blood quickly freezes and skin cells renew themselves. But for this type symptoms, this wound will heal in a long period of time. Use a liquid antiseptic for cleansing wounds. Diabetics also often have skin infections include itching in the genital area.

Mengshan. Your views suddenly opaque, wary of the symptoms of diabetes. When blood sugar goes up drastically, the lens of the eye will change shape so as to make the view becomes blurry. People with this type diabetes often have an eye condition that is too dry, it also causes the view to become blurry.

Body fatigue. People with type I diabetes symptoms often feel well-rested despite fatigue. A sense of weary of excessive sometimes doesn’t have to do with lack of sleep or too much activity. The reason is because the body does not get enough energy. The body is supposed to absorb the sugar as an energy source, but due to lack of insulin that helps the process of absorption, sugar remains in the blood.

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