Quickest Way to Lose Stomach Fat That You Can Do

How to lose stomach fat

Quickest Way to Lose Stomach Fat

Myriad diet trends around us. But always just popped the question, How to quickest way to lose stomach fat? We understand that there is no instantaneous thing. The safest solution is to tighten the problematic part.

Start gently from the waist by doing exercise and dietary arrangements within 1-2 week. It delivered personal trainer and certified nutritionist Jim White, RD, ACSM.

With patience, you can get the quickest way to lose stomach fat with seven stages:

Need to keep in a calorie deficit

A calorie deficit essentially burns calories much more than we eat. However, if you want more specifics, Jim suggests the amount of deficit of 500 calories per day to lose weight 0, 5 kg per week. However, you should keep your intake of at least 1,200 calories per day. Caloric intake is less than that amount will have an impact on the physical and mental functions. This is one of the quickest way to lose stomach fat.

Inserting high intensity interval exercise

In General, the higher the intensity of the exercise, will be higher in calories burned and burned even though we continue to finish exercising. High intensity interval exercise will help you to maximize the amount of oxygen consumed (EPOC) or after training in fitness parlance is known as “afterburn”.

Consume plenty of fiber and drink lots of water.

Raise your intake of fiber will help you to lose more fat. The problem is, many people do not eat enough fiber in the amount of that every day. Fiber will help reduce weight because it can facilitate the digestive system and makes you full with less calories. This will prevent most packed aka overeating that potentially increases blood sugar. This is one of the quickest way to lose stomach fat.

Do not cut your intake of carbohydrates.

This is different from the assumption many people, carbohydrates must be reduced when wanting to lose weight. The good news, complex carbohydrates, starch and flour is very important. Including foods such as nuts, green banana, and others can increase the body’s metabolism. What Is The Reason? Because these meals more efforts need to be converted to energy. Complex carbohydrates such as whole grains and vegetables as well as important because they contain high nutrients.

Avoid sweet or fatty foods

Foynder Ancient Nutrition, Josh Ace, DNM, CNS, DC explains, eating food that is not through the process will provide essential nutrients that are required for the body and does not include unwanted fat.

Avoid emotional stress

When you often experience stress, cortisol levels will be soaring. Stress hormones will stimulate appetite and make people tend to consume unhealthy food.

Sleep for eight hours

Sleep and weight gain are very closely related, more than we think. Lack of sleep often makes us hunger and inhibits muscle repair in the evening. The body will then produce more cortisol and will damage the quickest way to lose stomach fat.


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